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acQyr eXchange is the next big thing!

Do you have a monetization strategy in your game? We can make it more successful!

The acQyr eXchange (QX) platform is completed and now live. We are deploying the first multiple-game loyalty rewards program customized to your games to retain and monetize your existing players. The concept is simple: you reward gamers for taking the monetization actions that make more revenue for you.

Our current website, which explains the first version of QX, is being updated. It highlights Phase 1, our platform to redeem existing in-game rewards. With our new version of the platform described on this page, we add issuing targeted offers and loyalty rewards to our redemption solution.

  • We help publishers and developers set up a loyalty rewards program in their games or enhance their existing program.
  • We have an end-to-end solution that couldn’t be easier to implement—you choose the monetization behavior you want to increase, and we do the rest.
  • In the retail industry, loyalty programs have been proven to increase sales and profits, reduce churn, and lower the cost of acquiring new customers for nearly 70 years.

Check out our video for a QX overview.

Enjoy the proven results from retail

The real-world results from retail loyalty programs are compelling. This infographic shows game publishers and developers the benefits they can anticipate by using QX to offer loyalty rewards to their gamers.

acQyr eXchange is bringing the profit-generating success of retail loyalty programs to the gaming industry.


In the retail industry, loyalty programs have been proven to increase sales and profits, reduce churn, and lower the cost of acquiring new customers for nearly 70 years. That's why more than 90% of retail companies have some sort of loyalty program according to Accenture. We have an end-to-end loyalty rewards platform that couldn't be easier to implement. You choose the purchasing behavior you want to incentivize, and then choose preset rewards offers on our website. We do the rest. Here are some examples.


Reward in-game purchases

You define the offer specifics for increasing in-game purchases, including start/stop time period, game play/purchase amounts, and reward value. 75% of consumers say they are likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive according to a study on Wirecard.


Incentivize rewarded ad viewing

Increasing retention through gamer loyalty means more rewarded ad views for you and more game revenues. Set up reward offers to incentivize ad-viewing frequency, time period, and total views. A study published in Yotpo showed 68% of consumers define brand loyalty as making repeat purchases.


Tournament loyalty rewards

Getting players to enter more tournaments drives revenue and profits. Set up reward offers to incentivize entry frequency, time period, and total tourneys. Importantly, we offer immediate winnings redemption in cash to keep them playing! 79% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands reported a study on Bond


Retention increases profits 25%

Keeping players playing your game and flattening the retention curve is one of the biggest challenges in the gaming world. According to Bain & Company, a 5% boost in customer retention translates into a 25% increase in profits. Industry studies also show loyalty leaders in retail grow revenues roughly 2.5 times as fast as other companies in their industry according to an article in Harvard Business Review.


Do loyalty programs really work?

A recent study from Experian shows that 75% of companies with loyalty programs generate an R0I. Do rewards work in the gaming world? A study performed by Versus showed a 34% increase in League of Legends playtime after the introduction of rewards. And a Google study showed that 37% of app users will come back if they're offered a discount (reward) on a certain service. According to these studies, offering gaming rewards works!

What’s the business case for joining QX?

A loyalty program is essentially an internal marketing program aimed at existing players to increase engagement and retention to maximize LTV.

The completed QX platform enables you to create a loyalty program to reward and keep your best gamers and convert good gamers into more of your best gamers.

We partner with you to promote personalized offers and loyalty rewards to new and existing gamers, thereby reducing acquisition costs and increasing LTV.

We have developed a QX Business Case document that takes a deep dive into what it is, how it works, and why you should partner with us. Click below to download the document, then decide for yourself.

Download the document

Partner with us NOW!

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER:  For the first three to sign up, we’ll cover the initial $5,000 of issued rewards to your gamers! That means we’ll pay the first $5,000 earned by your participating gamers so you won’t have to. PLUS, we will waive all exchange fees normally charged to new Partners FOREVER.

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