acQyr eXchange to launch Sweepify

Play tournaments. Win cash.

Sweepify is the future of Free-to-Win gaming!

Sweepify is the world’s first sweepstakes engine that converts any game from free-to-play (F2P) to free-to-win (F2W). Sweepify is leading a brand-new free-to-win (F2W) category of gaming that appeals to both players and publishers:

  • For game publishers who need stronger user engagement, retention, and monetization
  • For game players who want to compete in their favorite games for valuable rewards and prizes

Why Sweepify?

Game tournaments are core to mobile, PC, and console games:

  • Tournaments and challenges are a ubiquitous and beloved feature of games in every genre of video games, from Candy Crush to Fortnite
  • Tournaments and challenges are critical drivers in player retention and monetization
  • Sweepstakes are the way to structure your tournament prizes. No more worries about skills-based games and rules, gambling rules and laws, and so on. And the rules for sweepstakes? Sweepify handles that end.

Sweepify’s superpower is its ability to bring sweeps to every game:

  • Game publishers tap into the multi-billion-dollar sweepstakes market
  • Seamlessly works with every game, quickly adding real-money tournaments
  • Increases revenue stream for game publishers, including a percent of membership subscriptions and percent of brand and sponsor promotion fees
  • Great value-add for game players

Sweepstakes are not gambling

Sweepify combines the appeal of cash gaming with the massive growth of F2P games without the legal limitations and complexities. It represents a massive untapped opportunity in the proven real money gaming marketplace. Importantly, it’s not gambling.

Gambling has three elements: money in, game of chance, and money out. Sweepstakes are not gambling because there is no “money in.” Some sweepstakes allow players to pay for access, but there must always be an alternative method of entry, like mailing in a 3x5 postcard.

How it works

Sweepify provides game publishers with a robust, end-to-end solution to add sweepstakes to any mobile, console, or PC game:

  • KYC

    Know Your Customer

    We verify the identity of each player and handle all legal compliance to ensure success

  • FIN

    Finance Technology

    We cover financial compliance, 1099s, banking services, and any required financial support

  • OPS

    Operational Support

    We provide all high-touch customer service with 24x7 call center support and fulfilment

  • DAT

    Data Analytics

    We leverage game data and player metrics on custom dashboards to drive user engagement

The Sweepify platform has two major components, a publisher portal and a player mobile app. The publisher portal provides:

  • Easy integration for linking your games
  • Quick API links for your games and events. (Yes, you can define the events that determine game and tournament play!)
  • KYC, event processing, leaderboards, prize award redemption, and all compliance
  • Nimble dashboard and prompt customer support team
  • Event tuning for improved ARM metrics
  • Timing and prizes adjustments to drive KPIs

The player app is free to download for players to manage their accounts and redeem game rewards. Players use the app to:

  • Link to their favorite games to play tournaments
  • Register to play in cash and prize tournaments
  • Receive “Tickets” to enter tournaments
  • Review tournament winnings (Points)
  • Redeem for cash and prizes
  • Subscribe to Premium Memberships
  • Learn about alternative method of entry to participate in tournaments– no purchase necessary
  • Participate in third-party offerings, including retail/brand rewards, discounts, and giveaways

Example of a player journey

  1. Jane starts by clicking on Sweepify’s promotional ad
  2. She registers an account and receives 1,000 Tickets for free
  3. Jane decides to use her free Tickets to enter one of your tournaments
  4. Jane tries her best (and has fun!) but doesn’t win
  5. She decides to become a Premium Member ($9.95 /month)
  6. Her membership gives her 10,000 Tickets daily so that she can play in more tournaments
  7. Jane starts winning and accumulating more Points!
  8. After a few months of playing, Jane decides it's time to cash in her Points for those earbuds she’s had her eye on

For more information about adding Sweepify to your games, please use the Contact page to schedule an introductory call.