Introducing acQyr eXchange™

Lots of games. Lots of rewards. One eXchange.

Welcome to the future of online rewards redemption!

We’re delivering the first public exchange to track and manage the rewards (loyalty rewards, earned prizes, etc.) gamers acquire online and redeem them into money—the acQyr eXchange (QX). For existing free-to-play mobile games, QX enables play-to-earn monetization without the need for the blockchain, cryptocurrency, or NFTs. Gamers will be able to manage, exchange, and redeem their gaming rewards from multiple games on the exchange with our QX mobile app.

Why you need acQyr eXchange

  • Get cash for playing games
  • Have all your rewards in one place
  • Get faster return on rewards
  • Spend your earned cash how you want

How the acQyr eXchange works

What if you had $100, but it’s in currency from six different countries? The only way you could spend that money is in the country that issued it. But you want the whole $100 to spend any way you want!

What you’d need is an exchange to convert those currencies into US dollars. That’s how the acQyr eXchange works, only for digital rewards from multiple games.

acQyr eXchange (QX) is the first rewards redemption platform that allows gamers to turn earned rewards into cash across multiple games. The acQyr eXchange:

  • Helps mobile and online game publishers to increase gameplay and grow revenue by providing a superior solution for redeeming digital assets.
  • Allows gamers to own and exchange all earned rewards from participating games into local currency.
  • Works on an easy-to-use mobile app that allows the user to manage, exchange, and redeem rewards in real-time.

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Learn more about acQyr eXchange for Gamers

Redeem rewards for cash with a QX! Now you have one app to accumulate, exchange, and redeem all your earned rewards from multiple participating games!

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Acquire rewards…

The earned rewards from multiple participating games are listed on the exchange. Gamers can link the games they play and exchange these rewards into their QX Points account whenever they want.

…Exchange into cash

The gamer’s QX Points account contains the cash value of all exchanged rewards. QX Points can be redeemed into dollars and deposited into an attached depository account to buy whatever they want!

All on one app!

The acQyr eXchange mobile app allows gamers to manage, exchange, and redeem rewards from multiple games with one login. It’s a really simple app because it does one thing very, very well: acquire rewards, exchange to cash!

Join the acQyr eXchange today!

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