Introducing acQyr eXchange™

Lots of games. Lots of rewards. One eXchange.

Welcome to the future of Free-to-Win gaming!

acQyr eXchange (QX) delivers the first public exchange to track and manage the rewards gamers acquire online (tournament winnings, loyalty rewards, earned prizes, etc.) and redeem them into cash. Game players can manage, exchange, and redeem their gaming rewards from multiple games on the exchange.

How acQyr eXchange works for a publisher’s game players

  • Get cash for playing games
  • Have all your rewards in one place
  • Get faster return on rewards
  • Spend your earned cash how you want

Coming soon: acQyr eXchange to launch Sweepify!

Sweepify is the world’s first sweepstakes engine for converting any game from free-to-play (F2P) to free-to-win (F2W). Sweepify:

  • Supports game publishers with its easy-to-integrate F2W gaming solution that increases player retention and monetization.
  • Converts existing game tournaments and challenges from soft currency to hard currency payouts through our management of sweepstakes rules and application of our proprietary IP. In-game tournaments and challenges do not have to be modified!
  • Delivers the needed KYC, tournament scheduling and registration, event processing, leaderboard management, prize reward issuance and redemption, memberships, terms and conditions, customer service, dashboard analytics, and compliance, thereby allowing our game publisher partners to focus on their games and game players.
  • Delivers another revenue stream to our game publisher partners from Sweepify memberships and third-party promotions.
  • Includes a Sweepify app for game player registration; promotion of game tournaments and challenges; and tracking, management, and redemption of game player rewards for cash prizes.

Sweepify is easy to use for your game players!

Acquire rewards…

Sweepify Members can view and enter tournaments by linking participating games to their Sweepify account. The winnings and earned rewards from tournaments played are listed and can be exchanged into Sweepify Points whenever they want.

…Exchange into cash

The Member’s Sweepify Points account contains the cash value of all earned rewards. Sweepify Points can be redeemed into cash in a variety of cash-out options to buy whatever a gamer wants!

All in one app!

The Sweepify mobile app allows Members to manage, exchange, and redeem rewards from multiple games with one login. It’s a really simple app because it does one thing very, very well: play tournaments, win cash.