Introducing acQyr eXchange™

Lots of games. Lots of rewards. One eXchange.

Welcome to the future of online rewards redemption!

acQyr eXchange (QX) delivers the first public exchange to track and manage the rewards gamers acquire online (tournament winnings, loyalty rewards, earned prizes, etc.) and redeem them into cash. Gamers will be able to manage, exchange, and redeem their gaming rewards from multiple games on the exchange on our mobile app.

Why you need acQyr eXchange

  • Get cash for playing games
  • Have all your rewards in one place
  • Get faster return on rewards
  • Spend your earned cash how you want

Big news! acQyr eXchange now powers VictoryQuest!

VictoryQuest (VQ) is a new tournament platform that uses acQyr eXchange as the perfect winnings and rewards redemption solution. VictoryQuest:

  • Helps mobile and online game publishers introduce tournaments into competitive mobile games to increase gameplay and retention, and grow monetization by providing a superior solution for issuing and redeeming digital assets.
  • Works on an easy-to-use VQ mobile app that allows gamers to sign up to become VQ Members and track tournament play and winnings in multiple games with one login.
  • Allows VQ Members to manage and exchange rewards into VQ Points, then redeem them into local currency in real-time.

Visit the VQ landing page here for an introduction to VQ.

Acquire rewards…

VQ Members can view and enter tournaments by linking participating games to their account in the VQ app. The winnings and earned rewards from tournaments played are listed and can be exchanged into VQ Points whenever they want.

…Redeem into cash

The Member’s VQ Points account contains the cash value of all earned rewards. VQ Points can be redeemed into cash in a variety of cash-out options to buy whatever they want!

All in one app!

The VictoryQuest mobile app allows Members to manage and redeem rewards from multiple games with one login. It’s a really simple app because it does one thing very, very well: play tournaments, win cash!

Become a VictoryQuest Member today!

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