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Lots of games. Lots of rewards. One eXchange.

QX Phase 2 is coming!

This website describes our Phase 1 solution.
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We are the future of online rewards redemption, retention, and play-to-earn monetization without the need for the blockchain, cryptocurrency, or NFTs. One platform to exchange issued gameplay rewards into cash from multiple games.

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Why acQyr eXchange?

Are you getting the most return possible on your in-games rewards program? Is it motivating gamers to take the actions and encourage the behaviors that increase engagement and retention?

As you may already know, many gamers view rewards programs with apathy and quit playing if they don’t see meaningful rewards balances. But if they’re accumulating rewards from multiple games in one place, suddenly every reward means something to them.

acQyr eXchange is the first rewards redemption platform that allows gamers to turn earned rewards from multiple games into cash. And users can access all their rewards on one mobile app, with one login for multiple games, in real time.

Our Philosophy

The acQyr eXchange philosophy is simple: Greater selection of games + faster attainability of rewards = higher value for gamers. With QX, gamers enjoy immediate reward gratification, as well as rewards certainty, visibility, and transparency. Higher value for gamers means more gameplay for you!

What’s in it for you?

  • QX gives you more

    Want more gameplay, more engagement, more retention, more REVENUE? acQyr eXchange delivers!
  • Partnering is free

    There is no charge to join QX or for listing your rewards. You’re now our redemption partner!
  • New revenue stream

    Partnering is free but we also share our revenue with you when your gamers upgrade their membership. No brainer: no cost for redemption and more revenue!
  • Plus, more players

    Gamers want to know what other games are on QX so they can add more rewards. We cross-sell your games for greater acquisition at no cost to you!

How does acQyr eXchange work?

First of all, you don’t have to change anything about your rewards program. You’re still in control of what to reward and asset value. Just add QX as another redemption choice. Then together we’ll promote QX to your gamers to sign up for a freemium account.

Here’s how:


You’ll direct your gamers to a landing page that explains all the features and benefits of joining QX.


They click on a link to download the app so they can sign up on the app.


Once on the app they can link your game into the exchange (a one-time operation).


As a QX Member, a gamer can log into the app and review all their rewards from participating games in one place.


They can exchange earned game digital assets to their QX Points account.


Then redeem QX Points into a linked depository account to spend however they want.

The acQyr eXchange app is really simple because it does one thing very, very well: acquire rewards, exchange for cash!

Try it yourself: Download the live gamers app by going to the Download App page.

Join us in revolutionizing the way game rewards are redeemed forever. Become an acQyr eXchange Partner!

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